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2013 Life Safety Achievement Award

The Life Safety Achievement Award program is again available to fire agencies across the United States. The award criteria and application process are now available for presentation for the year 2013’s fire prevention efforts and we need your help publicizing this and spreading the word.

Since 1994, the Life Safety Achievement (LSA) Award has been given in recognition of fire departments with outstanding fire safety statistics and effective fire prevention programs during the preceding calendar year.  In recognition of these proactive fire prevention efforts aimed at improving their community’s fire and life safety behaviours, a fire department may be eligible for the Life Safety Achievement Award.

Since inception, the Life Safety Achievement Award was granted to any fire department that achieved zero fire deaths in the previous calendar year.  This is certainly a worthy goal and one that will continue, but it alone does not reflect the excellence we seek in fire prevention programs.  Over the past eight years, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company has sponsored this prestigious Award and will be doing so again this year.  Recipients of the LSA Award will receive a certificate suitable for framing that recognizes your department’s accomplishments. 

Many factors combine in a fire prevention program to make our communities and our citizens safer, and the Life Safety Achievement Award reflects this key combination of factors. To qualify for the 2013 LSA Award, the fire chief must submit an application outlining various aspects of the department’s fire prevention efforts.  It is required that a fire department meet all of the criteria listed below.

Life Safety Achievement Award Criteria:

  • Zero fire deaths or at least a 10% reduction in fire deaths from the previous year.
  • An active fire prevention program is in place within your department. Briefly describe your program.
  • Dedicated commitment to fire prevention activities.  Briefly describe your department’s commitment and the resources committed which may be financial or in-kind.
  • Evidence by some measure (department-determined) that your fire prevention efforts increased over the previous year and are making a positive difference. Please explain briefly.

The Life Safety Achievement Award campaign for 2013 is for the period from January 1 – December 31, 2013; all submitted applications must be received no later than July 31, 2014. Award notification will be made in late August, so that fire departments will have it in time for recognition during Fire Prevention Week in October 2014.

To apply for the Award, the chief of the fire department must submit an application bearing their signature along with all necessary documentation in support of the application.  The application includes brief space for describing the fire prevention activity. Please attach a separate sheet with enough detail to thoroughly demonstrate the fire department meets the criteria outlined above.  The maximum submittal, including the application itself, may not exceed 5 pages.

If you have any questions about the Life Safety Achievement Award, please submit your inquiry to the NASFM Fire Research & Education Foundation general help line at

To download the complete LSA Criteria click here.
To download the LSA Award application click here.

2013 Life Safety Achievement Award





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