Protective Jacketed CSST

Protective Jacketed Flexible Gas Piping

Not all products in a home can be designed to withstand a serious level of threat from lightning strikes to homes; however, thin-walled flexible gas piping (also referred to as CSST), which carries a flammable fuel within homes, should take the lightning threat into account.

The Goal:
Improving building codes in lightning prone states to include the requirement for stronger protective jacketed CSST's - for CSST to be produced and listed to the electrical arcing requirements of the ICC-ES PMG LC 1027, as well as the ongoing requirement that it be listed to the ANSI LC1 CSST product standard.

NASFM has been joined in this effort by the Lightning Protection Institute, a national organization committed to advancing the protection of structures through the application of electrical and lightning science in the design and installation of lightning protection systems. 

The links below provide many resources which will provide interested code and fire officials with information they may need to improve the building codes in their jurisdictions:

Contact NASFM for more information or assistance on improving the CSST building code in your area. 

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