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NASFM Lifetime Members

Bill Barnard

VJ Bella

Don Bliss

Thomas R. Brace

Tim Bradley

Butch Browning

Jim Burns

John Dean

J. William Degnan

Robert Doke

Rocco Gabriel

Dwayne Garriss

Brian Geraci 

Jim Greeson

Roy Marshall

Frank McGarry

James McMullen

George Miller

Randall Napoli

Jim Narva

Kelly Nicolello

Ed Paulk

Gary Powell

Jerry Rosendahl

Alan Shuman

Walter Smittle

Gary L. West

Lifetime Membership Criteria and Participation

(est. 10/18/2006)

To become a lifetime member of the National Association of State Fire Marshals the candidate must meet the following criteria:  

1. Must have been a Regular NASFM member in good standing.  

2. Nominations for Lifetime Membership must be presented in writing by a Regular member to the NASFM Board of Directors for consideration prior to the Annual Conference, at which time any such membership shall be made.  

3. The candidate for Lifetime Membership in NASFM will have held an office, chaired a NASFM committee or will have significantly assisted in projects or activities for the good of the organization.  

4. Approval for Lifetime Membership must be by a majority vote of the Board of Directors no less than 30 days prior to the Annual Conference.  

5. The Lifetime Membership cannot be shared by or transferred to any association, organization, business or person.  

6. Fifty percent of the Annual Conference registration fees will be waived for a Lifetime Member attendance at conferences in future years after receiving Lifetime Membership unless the Lifetime Member is attending on behalf of another organization. If attending on behalf of another organization no registration fees shall be waived. 

7. Expenses incurred by Lifetime Members may be approved for reimbursement by a majority vote of the NASFM Board of Directors.  

8. Lifetime members shall be non-voting members.
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