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Green Buildings and Fire Safety Project

State Fire Marshals Exploring Green Buildings/Fire Safety Connection

The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) has received an Assistance to Firefighters Fire Prevention and Safety Grant from the US Department of Homeland Security for a project entitled "Fire Safety and Green Buildings: Bridging the Gap." Its objective is to develop and share information for both code enforcement officials and first responders to address the fire safety gap that currently exists in the interface between established fire safety practices and the new building technologies and criteria being employed in "green" building design.

Deliverables include the formation of a Working Group to advise on the project and develop an agenda for needed educational materials; development of an interactive forum/online clearinghouse for outreach and sharing of information; and guideline publications for use by authorities having jurisdiction and first responders.

If you have a topic or a question that you would like NASFM to explore in greater detail through this project, or a resource that you would like the online clearinghouse to post or link to, please contact Project Manager Karen Deppa at

Click here to download NASFM's press release on the new Green Buildings and Fire Safety website,


A Common Goal for the Built Environment:
Green and Fire Safe!

The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) “Green Buildings and Fire Safety – Bridging the Gap” Project aims to bring together emergency responders and code enforcement officials with various aspects of the Green Building community to develop sustainable building strategies that incorporate effective fire safety practices.

NASFM’s website,, is being developed as a central forum for the sharing of information and experiences on these topics. Through our combined efforts, we can help protect people, buildings, the environment, and the planet – a winning combination!

Green buildings have become a mainstay of building design and construction in the United States with the important goal of conserving energy and resources. 

What impact do these new practices, techniques and policies have on fire safety?  Fire officials have some questions, including...

  • How do you permit new green buildings?
  • How do you fight fires in these buildings?
  • What impact do recycled materials have on combustibility?

This site has been created to serve as a place to exchange information among practitioners, fire departments, fire marshals and the green community. You can help!  If you have information to share, a question to ask, or an experience to relate, click here to suggest a resource or send an inquiry to

NASFM reserves the right to decide whether topics and resources suggested by others are posted or linked.

While NASFM may support certain standards, NASFM does not endorse or recommend a specific company’s products or services.












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