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National AssOCIATION OF State Fire Marshals

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National Association of State Fire Marshals 


President Michael Desrochers and the Board of Directors of National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) are pleased to announce the 34th Annual Fire Prevention & Safety Symposium will be held in Kansas City, Missouri on July 29th through August 1st, 2024. The event is hosted by Missouri State Fire Marshal, Tim Bean, and the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office.

The theme for 2024 is “Bringing it all together.”

NASFM is bringing it all together with plans to present a conference that partners with two other national organizations. First, the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association (NCOAA) joined us last year to offer a unique opportunity focused on eradicating carbon monoxide poisoning and helping carbon monoxide poisoning survivors recover to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life. The conference was a huge success in building not only an alliance, but also in forming a strategy to mitigate carbon monoxide poisoning. NCOAA continues to be a strategic partner with NASFM and will be partnering again at this conference. 

The 2024 event promises to be an even better conference than ever before, now with an additional partner. The International Fire Marshal Association (IFMA), a section of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), represents more than 800 local fire marshals and are joining NASFM to bring it all together. The emerging issues facing both state and local fire marshals are the same, whether it’s code enforcement, fire investigations, community risk reduction, or other issues, this is the platform to come together to network. 

NASFM has a history of networking with industry leaders, connecting solutions to fire prevention problems, and promoting progressive action to save lives. This is where state and local fire officials, advocates for safety, and industry leaders come together.      

Save the Date! Make plans now to join us for the first ever conference with these three national organizations in July 2024. Registration and additional information will be available in January.     

 Symposium Registration Now Available (click here for more)!

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NASFM Partners Program Schedule

Symposium Flyer - Download Here!  

Please Note: CO Safety Summit 2024 pricing is not listed in this flyer. See NCOAA website for specific info pricing for the CO Summit.


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